Do you want to keep the employees in your company excited about learning? Are you curious about innovative learning and development methods? This is where SkillFull comes in with a creative state-of-the-art approach.

Our scientifically proven and engaging tools cover a broad set of relevant topics, such as leadership, communication, cooperation and compliance. The interactive and realistic serious games activate and motivate the learner. Gaming assesses individual behaviour better, faster, and more reliably. However, we never lose the human touch! In the all-round carefree SkillFull approach we offer immersive online assessments, individual coaching, and team interventions. Read more about our SkillFull solutions.


Our cutting-edge technologies complement and enhance the L&D methods of today.

While in-person training has a limited capacity, online modules can offer endless learning opportunities. We accelerate the learning process by upgrading conventional training methods with in-game feedback and online coaching possibilities. Serious games offer the chance to compare the individual learner to a standardised norm group and therefore enable objective assessment.

We enrich current L&D methods with the newest innovations and make unlimited training possible. Due to our relevant scenarios the transfer to the work context is very high. That’s what the future of L&D looks like!

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The facts clearly speak for themselves! The LinkedIn report 2021 highlights interesting changes in employee learning and development: In the 3-year trend, 59% of talent developers spend more of their budget on online learning and 39% spend less on instructor-led training.


Besides that, we see shifts in the perception of workplace learning. The new generation of employees proactively voice the need to learn and are willing to invest in their professional learning to meet their career goals. SkillFull game-based learnings are a perfect solution, as they are engaging and highly rated by users. Still not convinced? Get in contact with us and we can tell you how we play our game!


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