Good leadership breaks down into a broad range of qualities and behaviours. This serious game measures the active and visible component of leadership behaviour via the competing values model. The game is constructed to grasp the style of the player and the versatility that the player can employ. This is made feasible by creating a number of different work settings typical for managers to encounter. These realistic work situations are carefully chosen on the basis of numerous interviews with experts from various international companies. Discrepancy between one’s intention and actual game behaviour give valuable insights for future development.

Gaming can train behaviour better faster more reliable than traditional methods

The Leadership game is developed to measure and train behavioural styles and can be used for several applications, from selecting young potentials to complete management development programs. For each specific use, different aspects of the game are highlighted. It does not end with the online report! A special feature is the in-game feedback that the players receive from the virtual team members through their individual choices. In the e-coach environment, the participants can experiment endlessly with the answers after completing the game, with the coach giving them direct feedback on the behaviour shown and possible alternative behaviour. Finally, based on group reports, additional workshops and interventions extend the learning process. 

"Serious games provide us insights into our thinking and behaviour patterns."

- Despina Anastasopoulos, INTRASOFT International SA

In today’s competitive corporate arena, an organisation is only as innovative and successful as the talent it attracts and develops. By adding to this equation the emerging role of digital technology in almost every aspect of our lives, it becomes clear that a new digital era is about to take the lead. Check out the European research project DEVELOP YOUR CAREER and read more about the added value of the SkillFull approach!  

The leadership game was developed as part of the European project Horizon 2020, Develop your career. Soft skills like communicating and leadership are usually measured in role-plays, questionnaires and sometimes by using the 360 degree feedback method. Although these methods offer advantages, they are often time-consuming and costly. A more contemporary way of assessing soft skills like leadership is by using game-based assessments.

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