SkillFull solutions guarantee an immersive learning experience and empower every learner to become skillfull and reach their full potential. We provide you with the tools and services to kick-start your learning journey today so that you can start transferring learning insights into practice tomorrow. Our game-based interventions are evidence-based and suitable for all kinds of behaviour related questions. Our products function both as assessment and training instruments, are hybrid, scalable and time-saving. Ready to grow? Get into action now, choose SkillFull!

We empower managers to gain insight in their behaviour and develop style flexibility in a safe and fun learning environment. They become confident in managing employees' needs while equally living up to the companies’ expectations. With the numerous online possibilities, our Leadership program delivers individualised learning experiences that enable every learner to increase their performance. Through group reports we give a clear overview of discrepancies between intention and behaviour and how to bridge that gap.

Our approach is a proven solution that can be applied in the range of trainee programs to complete management development interventions. We build the bridge between employee behaviour and organisational culture. Our serious games allow leaders to leave their differences behind and connect on the common ground of a shared reference case. Do you need to redefine your leadership climate and make a large-scale change possible? Do you want your leaders to be motivated through playful learning? Contact us!

SkillFull Team Development is unique in its combination of individual assessments and coaching using a gamified learning path with follow-up workshops and interactive team events. Our solution empowers teams to communicate, connect and build trust in order to bring their cooperation to a whole new level. Through serious gaming, team members get valuable insights into their personal cooperation style. We foster self-reflection with in-game feedback and 1-on-1 coaching. During workshops, we stimulate employees to get the best out of their team and effectively shape future cooperation. Our games provide a shared language for teams to redefine their interaction. Who takes on which role and why? How can we use each and everyone’s skills to optimise our cooperation? What do we value as a team? All team members get a clear view on their role in the team and recognise what value they can contribute. Are you ready for a fresh start? Are you ready for SkillFull Team Development?

Do you search for an innovative serious game solution, adjusted to your needs? We tailor it! Do you want to implement an engaging online training or produce an immersive VR onboarding experience? We build it!From research & development to production & implementation ‚Äď we deliver a carefree package. Our in-house experts in psychology, product design and online learning will advise and accompany you through the whole process of creation. We are thought leaders in the field of game-based soft skill training and we can't wait to hear about your learning needs!Do you already exactly know what you want or, are you just curious what would be possible for your specific situation? Ideas can best be generated and discussed face-2-face! So do not hesitate and schedule a call with us and see what is possible.

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SkillFull products are immersive and fun, engaging and motivating. Our interventions provide a shared reference case and stimulate social consensus. As a trusted HR Business Partner, we accelerate your hiring and training process. We add to your employer branding and generate a higher transfer of learning.


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Fully immersive and remote behavioural training.


Become effective in your communication and adapt your style effectively.


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