Communication is one of the most crucial 21st century skills. In this game, learners will train how to communicate most effectively within their team and how to use communication to meet individual needs in a diverse group of people. The game incorporates various different media that make it even more engaging to play! The report demonstrates the learners’ style based on our scientific communication model and indicates how flexible they are.

We all communicate in different ways. Even so, there is a pattern in the way people communicate and that pattern of behaviour is called a communication style. Your communication style is primarily based on how other people perceive you. Quite often, the way you think you communicate is very different from what others see you doing. This game is the perfect start for individual and group learning. Feel free to invite your team to play this game as well, because: Communication is key Рtalk along!  

Effective communication leads to more engagement of employees, resulting in higher Organisational Citizen Behaviour, increased Trust and better Knowledge Sharing within teams.


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