An attractive off-the-shelf combination of insight and development. In this online program, participants gain insight into their personal leadership style. 100% online, scalable, language independent and fully responsive. The program focuses on learning, recognising and applying four different leadership styles. Together with an experienced coach, the participant discusses how these insights can effectively be applied, with short-term and long-term goals.


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Judges from various international institutes recognise the groundbreaking character that we strive to achieve with our products and services. What a ride. Since SkillFull’s launch, great things have happened and we are enjoying them immensely. One of the absolute highlights is winning the HR Innovation Award 2021. WOW!

When we succeed in realising our company philosophy and receiving this special recognition in return, we fall a little silent. In addition to Skill-Full, we also feel very Grate-Full.

In this online program you will gain insight into your leadership style. Additionally, together with a coach, you will discuss how to apply this insight effectively and increase your leadership agility.

The Leadership Challenge is a combination of questionnaires, game-based learning modules and online coaching. United in a modern and interactive learning environment.

The New Work redefined the everyday working life of employees. It makes communication within teams more difficult. How should managers train the necessary soft skills to take care of their own health as well as the health, satisfaction and motivation of their employees?¬†Through intensive practice, direct feedback and valuable self-awareness, the Leadership Challenge increases a leader’s flexibility.¬†Research shows that the more flexibly a leader can switch between leadership styles, the higher the satisfaction of employees. This is exactly what can be trained with the Leadership Challenge.



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