Yes. VR is our expertise! We played around with VR when prices for a 360-camera would let you lounge in your hammock all day, throughout the year. We knew the affordable application and tools were coming and jumped on the train early. Together with our tech-partners we nowadays deliver fully serviced, immersive learning solutions for a wide range of skills and topics. We do that in a hybrid way, VR acts as a starter and is a proven addition to further in-depth training. With the metaverse emerging and companies like Apple working on their own AR/VR glasses, VR is a serious option to take into account when shaping your HR learning landscape. Our evidence-based approach and the strong relation with personality traits make our solutions even more effective.


Pieter-Jil Pluimert
Founding Partner, Xiel

This first-person VR onboarding assessment introduces solicitants virtually to the iconic location of Xiel in an immersive and playful way. The unique project is a realistic and personal solution to prepare candidates for an upcoming assessment center.

“Xiel welcomes candidates in the most immersive VR experience. Finding a good application area making optimal use of the possibilities can be a real challenge. Together with our partner SkillFull we figured it out! We found the sweet spot between engagement, innovation and fun. A great combination of professionals with tech-savviness and creative wit! The end result is quite impressive! It adds experience and personal engagement to a Web-based assessment whilst maintaining the same level of professionalism and predictive value. A cool example of a cutting-edge onboarding procedure. Great to see what‚Äôs possible when creative minds join forces!‚ÄĚ

In recent research, a group of new managers in 12 locations took the same training designed to address inclusive leadership in one of three learning modalities: classroom training, e-learning and VR training. VR learners are 4 times faster to train, almost 3 times more confident in applying new skills after training, almost 4 times more immersed and 4 times more focused on learning. (PwC report, VR Soft Skills Training)

When looking at assessments and hiring procedures in the current shift to fully remote working, employees miss-out on essential interaction and bonding. For example, 52% out of 350 respondents of the New World of Work survey report found that candidate engagement is the biggest challenge of remote recruitment. When asked what they think will be significant challenges in a remote-first environment, 73% of respondents highlighted individual employee engagement and motivation. 

Sander Vermeulen

Learning Technology Specialist

Aart van Asperen

Senior Director & Producer

Antoinette Verbree


Jillis Schriel

Sound Engineer

Joost Modderman

Founder & CEO

Alec Serlie

Scientific Advisor

Paul van der Meer

VR Game Designer

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