Cooperation is one of the most important factors for team success. When people work together, teams will work faster, have higher motivation and will build work relationships faster. All these benefits are important factors for team performance.

Cooperation appears to come natural to extraverted people who care about others; in personality terms the Extravert and Altruistic people. Cooperation is, however, not only determined by a person’s personality, but equally so by their (learned) behaviour. Cooperating together is a competency that can be learned, relatively easily even, whereby the willingness to learn is obviously a prerequisite. Our game and evidence-based model make sure learners are motivated and engaged in the subject!

In a virtual collaboration environment, trust becomes a vital component for team effectiveness. One of the benefits of global teams is that dispersed knowledge can be brought together. Sharing this knowledge and resources is critical for project completion. Sharing knowledge is a way of building trust. What is your cooperation style?



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