There are not many tools which enable organizations to measure the cooperation ability of their employees or that give employees the chance to get insight in their own cooperation capabilities. Serious games are a new method to measure abilities. These games present simulated environments in which participants have to use certain skills and strategies to complete certain goals.

Team Performance

Duarte & Snyder (2001) stated that collaboration is “…one of the most important factors for team success….. When people work together, teams will work faster, have higher motivation, will build work relationships faster, which all are important factors for team performance”.

All organisations, big or small, should for that matter, be focussed on stimulating and rewarding collaboration among workers. Subsequently, responsible leaders should build and maintain a team by emphasising and encouraging collaboration. Good collaboration leads to a better trust and, most importantly, an intrinsic motivation to share knowledge (Alsharo, Gregg, & Ramirez, 2017). Highly successful companies like Toyota foster knowledge sharing and collaboration through a complex social network because it wants “everybody to know everything”; (Harvard Business review, 2008).