"In today's competitive corporate arena, an organization is only as innovative and successful as the talent it attracts and develops. By adding to this equation the emerging role of digital technology in almost every aspect of our lives, it becomes clear that a new digital era is about to take the lead."

Despina Anastasopoulos, INTRASOFT International SA

Our Services

We provide off-the-shelf games and deliver professional HR consultancy. Our game-based interventions are evidence based and can be used both as assessment and training instrument. SkillFull products are 100% online, scalable and timesaving. Whether you use it as a role-play substitute, a stand-alone intervention or fully integrated in your learning management system.










SkillFull products are immersive and fun, engaging and motivating. Our interventions provide a shared reference case and stimulate social consensus. As a trusted HR Business Partner, we accelerate your hiring and training process. We add to your employer branding and generate a higher transfer of learning.

The Legacy

Take a dive in our 360-degree video production and learn how you react when put under pressure. Can you keep a cool head?

Develop your career

As official distributor of the Personal Learning Environment™ we deliver a full career system or individual HR instruments.

Team Trust

Virtual collaboration is among the most important skills of the 21st century. Discover how you can become a top collaborator!

Leadership Challenge

Do you know your dominant style of leadership? How agile are you in other styles? Work effectively on your online leadership skills!

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