We are proud to set the new standard in assessing and training workplace behaviour. Our innovations are based on the strong scientific background of personality, a concept which has been researched by psychologists for many years. Personality influences the way people feel, think and act. We have mastered the task of mapping personality traits onto behavioural challenges using digital innovations like serious games. We empower individuals and teams in order to align behaviour with intentions. So they can become full of skills!

The discrepancy between your intentions and your actual behaviour is known as the intention-behaviour gap. Even though this gap might make us feel uncomfortable, it is important to be aware of its existence. Experts say that while people become more aware of their inconsistencies, they become more sophisticated. Most importantly, the intention-behaviour gap is the ideal starting point for your future training.

The unique SkillFull method operationalizes this idea to design creative and individualised learning programs. Intentions become learning goals. Serious games offer insights into your actual behaviour. Through standardised norm groups, an objective comparison becomes possible. Now you can relate your own results to others. This enables you to find out where you want to be and reveals your future potential. Once we understand where you are and where you want to be, we can guide you along the journey to align your behaviour with your learning goals.

By mapping personality onto behavioural challenges, we enable an effective learning progress. Personality is among the strongest drivers of human behaviour. If you understand your personality, changing behaviour will be simple and effective. That is why we bridge personality and behaviour in our learning approach.

Gaming can train behaviour better faster more reliable than traditional methods

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